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Newest ink, love them so very much!

Ranting is all it seems to be

I feel like I’m inadequate. I feel like i’m not good enough anymore and that’s not fair. Every time I explain this to you, you disregard it, say you love me and it goes back to it. How can I make you truly believe what I’m saying? How can I make you understand what I’m feeling? I’m so afraid to talk to you about it because whenever I do you yell at me, make me feel worse and continue to make me feel this way.  I feel like you’ve given up on me. I feel like you don’t care about me being upset anymore. It’s almost add I’d you’re more focused on how it affects you rather than the fact that I’m upset . And that hurts.

I dedicate all my time to you and I get nothing for it… what the hell am I doing?

Drunk words are sober thoughts. Will this saying had kept me wandering what you really think. Sorry I can’t do what you want…

I’m tired of not feeling like I do a good enough job pleasing people. No is not all about it but I try so fucking hard to help people and do things for people. I spend so much time trying to show people how much they mean to me and it just doesn’t work.  Gah. I’m just frustrated.

I can’t decide which one I like better. One, two or three. I’m leaning towards the middle one (2). What are your thoughts?

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